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2017 First BRICS Sherpa Meeting Convenes in Nanjing

On February 23, 2017, the first BRICS Sherpa meeting convened in Nanjing of Jiangsu province. State Councilor Yang Jiechi attended and addressed the opening ceremony. Sherpas and Sous-Sherpas of BRICS countries, foreign diplomatic envoys in China as well as representatives from the New Development Bank were present.

Yang Jiechi pointed out that China will hold the 9th BRICS Summit in Xiamen of Fujian province from September 3 to 5, 2017. Attaching great importance to the summit, President Xi Jinping hopes to, together with all leaders of BRICS countries, push the summit for a complete success.

Yang Jiechi expressed that since the establishment of the BRICS cooperation 10 years ago, the BRICS has become a shining brand of cooperation among emerging economies and developing countries. It is an important force to promote world economic growth, improve global governance and advance the democratization of international relations. Facing the complicated and changing international situation and environment, BRICS countries should maintain their confidence, join hands to cope with challenges and grasp the opportunities for common development. China expects that centering around the theme of Stronger Partnership for a Brighter Future, the BRICS Summit in Xiamen will facilitate all parties to strengthen unity and cooperation, improve global governance, deepen practical cooperation for mutual benefit and win-win results, intensify people-to-people and cultural exchanges, consolidate the public opinion foundation, strengthen mechanism construction and improve the cooperation platform.

Yang Jiechi noted that China hopes and believes that upholding the BRICS spirit of openness, inclusiveness, and win-win cooperation, BRICS countries will constantly elevate their level of cooperation, forge a platform for South-South cooperation with global influence and build a more fair and reasonable international order. Under joint efforts of all countries, the BRICS Summit in Xiamen will certainly achieve fruitful outcomes and open up a brighter future for BIRCS countries.

The Sherpa meeting this time is the first Sherpa meeting held by China as the BRICS presidency in 2017, and it aims to make preparations for the BRICS Summit in Xiamen.
Source: MFA of PRC

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