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Call for Papers: EU Studies Doctoral Students Paper Workshop


Fudan University School of International Relations and Public Affairs (SIRPA)

Fudan University Centre for China-EU Studies


Shanghai Institute for European Studies

Fudan University Centre for China-EU People-to-People Exchange Studies

Fudan University Centre for China-UK People-to-People Exchange Studies


European integration (European integration theory and practice/Euro zone/monetary policy/Schengen/economic integration)

EU foreign policy (institutions/decision-making/EU-US/China/Russia relations)

EU in international organisations (UN, G20)

EU in global governance (climate change/refugee crisis/humanitarian aid/Syrian crisis)

And other topics related to the EU in the discipline of international relations.


Doctoral students majoring in international relations/international politics/diplomacy in Shanghai.


Applicants must submit a full paper (around 5000 words) in Chinese or English before the workshop (English paper please follow Chinese Political Science Review reference style). The organizers will invite at least three professors as anonymous reviewers to select the best 10 papers. Participants have to deliver a presentation (15 min). Professors will comment on the presentation afterwards.


Two or three BEST PAPER awards will be announced at the end of the workshop. These papers will have the opportunity to be recommended for publication in Chinese Political Science Review or other Chinese peer-review journal. In addition, the two or three BEST PAPERS will be awarded 2500 RMB each.


14 May, Paper submission

29 May, Results announced

12 June, Workshop and presentations


No registration fee. Luncheons will be provided for paper-presenters. Participants need to cover their own transportation cost.

 Paper submission:

Mr. Shichen Wang, (14 May 2017)

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