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Iran in the International System Between Great Powers and Great Ideas, 1st Edition

Table of Contents


Hannes Swoboda and Stephanie Fenkart

Preface in Farsi

Mitra Shahmoradi



Part 1: USA and Vienna Nuclear Agreement

1 Iran’s Relations with the United States: Current Conditions in Historical Perspective

Shireen T. Hunter

2 The Iranian Threat: The Construction of Insecurity

Andreas M. Bock

3 The fate of the JCPOA

Heinz Gärtner

Part 2: Iranian economy: crippled and resilient

4 Iran’s Endogenous Role in the International Economic System

Mahdi Ghodsi

5 The Impact of Economic Sanctions on the Iranian Middle Class

Mahnaz Zahirinejad

Part 3: Eurasian perspectives on Iran

6 Iran and Europe: The never-ending hope for strong and efficient relations

Bernard Hourcade

7 Irans’s unequal partners: Russia and India

Erzsébet N. Rózsa

8 The Iranian Nuclear Issue and China: Sino-Iranian Interactions Within and Beyond the UNSC

Mher D. Sahakyan

Part 4: Revolution and Society

9 Iran and the International Order: Historic Transitions and New Challenges

Abbas Milani

10 Transparent Veil

Mitra Shahmoradi

11 Iran before the revolution: some considerations concerning socio-cultural aspects of urban life in the Sixties of the past century

Bert G. Fragner


About the Editors

Heinz Gärtner is lecturer at the Department of Political Science at the University of Vienna and at Danube University.

Mitra Shahmoradi is a freelance artist, painter, poet and art educator in Vienna.

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