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Postponed because of COVID-19/CFP: III Eurasian Research on Modern China and Eurasia Conference, September 25-26, 2020

Attention. Postponed because of COVID-19. Please stay tuned and we will update new dates.

Call for papers

Academic conference:  Eurasian Research on Modern China and Eurasia

Third Edition

Dates: September 25-26, 2020, Yerevan, Armenia

The focus of the conference is on modern China-Eurasia studies, in a multi-disciplinary social science perspective.


The Conference will be an occasion to facilitate exchanges on common research subjects, compare perspectives and methodologies and promote interdisciplinary dialogue.

The participants will present their research during thematic panels. Each speaker will deliver a paper in English or in Russian. Among the different topics:

Topic 1: Political Relations between China and Eurasian States (Asian and European States)

Topic 2: Economic Relations between China and Eurasian States (Asian and European States)

Topic 3: Eurasia and Belt and Road Initiative.

Topic 4: Possible cooperation and contradictions between EU-China and EAEU-China.

Topic 5: People to people exchange between China and Eurasia

Topic 6: China and NATO

Topic 7: China and BRICS

Topic 8: China and ASEAN

Topic 9: China and Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Topic 10: China and Nordic States

Topic 11: China and Central and Eastern European States (16+1)

Topic 12: China and Muslim World

Topic 13: China and South Caucasus

Topic 14: China and Central Asia

Topic 15: China and Africa

Topic 16: China and Eurasian Mainland’s Security Issues (Cybersecurity, Nuclear proliferation, Environment, etc. )

Who can apply?

The Conference is designed for researchers in Humanities and Social Sciences. Among the different disciplines that will be considered: International Relations, Law, Economics, Culture, History, Political Sciences and Sociology, International Security Issues.

Practical arrangements:

No funding is available for accommodation and international travel. There is no attendance fee.

Registration details and schedule

1. A paper title and abstract (up to 400-1000 words) in English or Russian is to be sent by 5 September 2020 to Dr. Mher Sahakyan: and Dr. Artur Israyelyan:

2. The selected participants will be notified about organizing committee decision within a week after sending their applications. Selected speakers will have 15 minutes for the presentation of their papers.

3. We intend to publish the best papers of the conference as a chapters in book  or in academic journal. Invited speakers of the conference can send their full papers for peer review in English (up to 8000 words) till November 27, 2020.

Schedule and location

Address: Alex Manoogian 1,   Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.

Dates: 25-26 September 2020.

Deadline for submission: 5 September 2020

You can check out the information on the Second Eurasian Research on Modern China and Eurasia Conference, November 1-2, 2019, Yerevan State University

You can check out the information on the First Eurasian Research on Modern China-Eurasia Conference, October 25-26, 2018, National Academy of Sciences, Armenia


If you are traveling to Armenia, you might need a visa for your trip. Please use MFA link’s search tool below to enter your citizenship country and travel document type to determine if you are required to obtain a visa or not.

About Organizers

    Yerevan State University (YSU) is the oldest university in Armenia. Founded in 1919, it is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. During these years YSU has become a leading university in Armenia, providing quality education to over 17,000 students every year. YSU is definitely one of the best universities in Armenia. It has a team of highly qualified and committed staff and offers many professions and academic programmes to local and foreign students. Currently, there are about 200 foreign students from all over the world studying at YSU. YSU has established not only educational traditions, but also carries out various research programs and actively participates in the internationalization process. Currently, the university has agreements with 270 universities and Scientific Centres of 50 countries.


Founded in 2016 “China-Eurasia” Council for Political and Strategic Research (CECPSR) is one of the Eurasia’s international policy institutions focused on China and Eurasia defense and security; regional study; and transnational challenges in the era of China’s pivot towards Eurasian mainland and Russia’s and the US’s pivots towards Asia.
It is a bipartisan, nonprofit policy research organization. On the basis of its research and network the CECPSR is ready to provide advises to decision makers in politics and business.CECPSR focuses on strengthening cooperation, mutual understanding and peace, between individuals and scholars of Eurasian countries and China.

Organizers Contacts

Yerevan State University


Address: Republic of Armenia, Yerevan, 0025, 1 Alex Manoogian

“China-Eurasia” Council for Political and Strategic Research, Foundation, Armenia



II Eurasian Research on Modern China and Eurasia Conference


I Eurasian Research on Modern China and Eurasia Conference


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