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Master Program in Contemporary Diplomacy & International Affairs (with special focus on Russian Studies)

The Program is designed for those striving to receive cutting-edge and innovative education in the field of Diplomacy and International Relations with focus on cutting-edge diplomatic practice, negotiations and deal-making, international politics, global governance, public and media relations & tools, and psychology driving the decisions. The Program gives the opportunity to receive the MA degree with special focus in Russian Studies. Particularly, it provides the opportunity to take course on Russia’s domestic and foreign policy making, legal system, economy, language and culture. In addition, you will expertise in design and methodology of research (including quantitative research methods), as well as an additional opportunity for our students will be ensured to dive deeper into the specific segments and areas of the student’s specific interest. The MSc Contemporary Diplomacy and International Affairs prepares future leaders and decision-makers to prosper both in national and international career. The added value of the Program will be that should the graduates choose to pursue a different career or path, such as in private business and entrepreneurship, law enforcement, military or simply public service, they will still be equipped with essential and indispensable skills that will be required for a successful path everywhere they will serve orshift. The Program will be open to potential students with a Bachelor’s Degree in Diplomacy, International Studies, Political Science, Economics, International Relations, Business, Management, and Law from RAU and ALL Armenian and non-Armenian Universities, who, regardless of their initial Bachelor’s Degree will decide to complement their studies with a Master’s Degree in Contemporary Diplomacy (and International Studies) ofthe 21st Century. The courses will be taught by Armenian and International scholars with deep and multifaceted experience in the field of their studies. Course Overview, Structure and Content The Course will comprise six mandatory and six-to-nine elective courses, accompanied with practice and a graduation dissertation work (120 credits split in between those). The course will be a mixture of lectures, practice, group work, casestudies, study tours as well as inviting renowned leaders of the filed to guest-speak and lecture as part of our offer.

Core Mandatory Modules (distributed to 3 semesters) • Contemporary Diplomacy of the 21st Century • Regional Diplomacy and Politics (min 2 regions) • The Art of Negotiation and Deal-making Diplomacy, • Public and Media Relations • Research design and methodology (including quantitative research methods) • Psychology of decision-making Elective Modules (distributed to 3 semesters) • A number of courses to cover Russia’s domestic and foreign policy, legal system, economy, culture, and language • Strategy, Information, and the Future Public International Law International Security • Political Economy

Global Governance and International Organizations • Second Language (Russian, Armenian, Chinese, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Turkish) – one language – 3 meetings per week • Foreign Policy Decision-Making Hybrid threats in globalizing world • Expanded Security Agenda: Climate, Environment, and other global issues • Transnational Movements, Activism, and Global Politics Total number of credits: 120 Master thesis: 20 credits Practice: 39 credit

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