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Mher Sahakyan delivered a speech during international webinar “INDIA-EURASIA RELATIONS: CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR INDIA”

May 21, 2020, New Delhi—“INDIA-EURASIA RELATIONS: CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR INDIA” international webinar was held. The academic event, which took place on May 21 , was organized by the the SOCIETY FOR SOCIAL EMPOWERMENT NEW DELHI and UGC CENTRE FOR SOUTH AND SOUTHEAST ASIAN STUDIES, UNIVERSITY OF MADRAS.

On May 21, Dr. Mher Sahakyan presented his research on “The Changing Balance of Powers in Eurasia: Sino-Russian Non-Declared Alignment and the West, India”.

The presentation was followed by a discussion on both the topic of research and the methods used by Dr. Sahakyan.



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