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China Plus: China and Armenia, two old civilizations in the world

During last two months, Beijing has stood as the main platform for negotiations on economic, political and cultural issues of the world. In April, China organized its second Belt and Road forum focused on results and further developments of its mega initiative, and in May leaders of several states and thousands of professional artists arrived to China for introducing their nation’s arts and culture. The main goal of the Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations is to give an added impetus to the development of dialogue between different civilizations. During the opening ceremony of the Conference, President Xi Jinping mentioned that civilizations must not clash with each other and that all civilizations are equal; there is no superior one in the world. This was a clear message to the world that rising China will not stand as a threat to the world order and will contribute for keeping equality and peace.

One of the oldest civilizations in the world – the Armenian civilization – was introduced during the conference on a high level. The Armenian Prime Minister arrived in Beijing together with a delegation to introduce ancient Armenian culture and art. READ MORE…

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  1. Robert Nazaryan // May 26, 2019 at 2:16 am // Reply

    Cooperation between Armenia and China missing fundamental science.
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    Then we are going behind this comparison and illustrating that build in asymmetry inside Armenian Theory of Special Relativity is reincarnating the aether as a universal reference medium, which is not contrary to relativity theory. We mathematically prove the existence of aether and we show how to extract infinite energy from the time-space or sub-atomic aether medium. Our theory explains all these facts and peacefully brings together followers of absolute aether theory, relativistic aether theory or followers of dark matter theory. We also mention that the absolute aether medium has a very complex geometric character, which has never been seen before.
    We are explaining why NASA’s earlier “BPP” and DARPA’s “Casimir Effect Enhancement” programs failed.
    We are also stating that the time is right to reopen NASA’s BPP program and fuel the spacecrafts using the everywhere existing aether asymmetric momentum force.

    Armenian relativistic formulas is full of asymmetry, which is in every single formula because of coefficient asymmetry s and that asymmetry is the essence and exciting part of the Armenian Theory of Relativity and therefore we demand a revision of all legacy mechanics under these remarkable new circumstances.
    The time has also come to reopen NASA’s BPP program, but this time using our everywhere existing Armenian asymmetric formulas. This will lead us to harness infinite energy from rest particle’s momentum just as we harness energy from the wind using a windmill. Going in this path will bring forth the dawn of a new technological era.

    It is worth to mention again that all legacy physics (classical and relativistic) transformations and formulas can be obtained from Armenian Theory of Relativity as a particular case by substituting s = 0 and g = -1.
    In the end we like to make a statement that: Armenian Theory of Relativity is a Theory of Asymmetric Relativity.

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