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Annual General Meeting of the Armenian Community of China


Dear ChinaHays

Please note that the Annual General Meeting of the Armenian Community of China will take place on Monday November 27th at 9:30pm, 2017, Beijing Time and will be held over a conference call-chat with a toll free loge-in to enable every member of the community across China to join. All the details on how to participate to the AGM will be provided in due course.

During the AGM, we will approve elect new community members to the Executive Committee, president and approve legal aspects.

The President and Members of the Executive Committee shall be ordinarily residing in Hong Kong or China for the duration of their term in Office.

Please note that as part of our continuous efforts of building a world class organization, that can be a role model for any Armenian organization globally, based on best in class pillars of independence, transparency and governance.

We are also looking for volunteers who are interested in joining the executive committee of the Armenian Community of China. We are looking for individuals who are committed, accountable and ready to donate 10-15 hours a month serving the community for the next 2 years. If you are prepared for this commitment, please send an email with your CV to titled “Executive Committee Candidature” expressing your interest. Member of Executive committee must defend and represent interest of his/her city’s Armenians, attend in EXCO calls and initiatives of community. EXCO members can be elected or appointed by the President as a Vice President of Events, as well a Vice President of Internal Affairs, a Vice President of Communications, a Secretary and a Treasurer, all of whom shall be the Officers of the Community chosen by the Executive Committee from among the Members of the Executive Committee.

The deadline for putting a candidacy is November 23, 2017.

If you want to help the community from time to time on an ad hoc and flexible basis in function of your time schedule, please send us an email at the same address titled “Offer to Volunteer” along with the name of your city and your contact details and the ChinaHay representative of your respective city will get in touch with you. The deadline for putting a candidacy is November 23, 2017.

We are  looking for volunteer who is  interested in leading the executive committee of the Armenian Community of China.  This position is open only for those members who served as a volunteer for Executive committee  at least for 2 years.

Duties and Authorities
(a) President
(i) The President shall exercise general supervision over the affairs of the Community.
(ii) The President shall chair the Executive Committee and manage the affairs of the Community. The President will ensure and provide strategic leadership so that the objects of the Community are met and followed. The President may delegate responsibility as he sees fit.
(iii) The President shall ensure the maximum possible interaction and communication with the Community’s extended network, Armenian and non-Armenian related Organizations locally and globally and other relevant stakeholders.

(iv) Upon taking Office, the President shall automatically become a member of the Council of Advisers and shall engage and coordinate with the Council of Advisers on behalf of the Executive Committee.
(v) The President shall be authorized to sign cheques, notes and other drafts upon the Community’s accounts jointly with the Vice Presidents, the Secretary and the Treasurer.
(vi) The President may from time to time designate one of the Vice Presidents to exercise such of his powers as the President may direct.



Thank you once again for your time, service and commitment to the Armenian Community of China. We have achieved amazing milestones in the past year and this would have never been possible without the dedicated contribution of many of you.

Executive Committee The Armenian Community of Hong Kong and China

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