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Call for papers


First edition

Dates: October 13-14, 2018

Venue: Yerevan

This conference aims to bring together MA students, PhD students, doctoral candidates, post-doctoral researchers and PhDs. The focus of the conference is on modern China-Eurasia studies, in a multi-disciplinary social science perspective.

“China-Eurasia” Council for Political and Strategic Research, Foundation.

Supported by:

Diplomatic Foundation of Armenia
Modern Diplomacy


Russia’s and the US’s pivots towards Asia, China’s pivot towards Eurasian continent with its One Belt, One Road initiative, harmonization perspectives of Eurasian Economic Union and One Belt, One Road are changing modern Eurasian economic and political order.
Along with the growing exchanges between China and Eurasia,China’s influence in Contemporary Eurasian Mainland is increasing.

The main aim of this Conference, which will held for the first time in Yerevan is to provide a platform for researchers who research China-Eurasia relations.

The Conference will be an occasion to facilitate exchanges on common research subjects, compare perspectives and methodologies, and promote interdisciplinary dialogue.

The participants will present their research during thematic panels. Each speaker will deliver a paper in English or in Russian. Among the different topics:

Topic 1: Political Relations between China and Eurasian states

Topic 2: Economic Relations between China and Eurasian states

Topic 3: Eurasia and One Belt, One Road.

Topic 4: Possible cooperation and contradictions between EU-China and EAEU-China.

Topic 5: People to people exchange between China and Eurasia

Who can apply?

The Conference is designed for MA students, PhD students, doctoral candidates and PhDs in humanities and social sciences. Among the different disciplines that will be considered: International relations, law, economics, culture, history, political sciences and sociology, international security issues.

Practical arrangements:

No funding is available for accommodation and international travel. There is no attendance fee.

Registration details and schedule

1 A paper title and abstract (up to 700-1000 words) in English or Russian is to be sent by 11 September 2018 to Mr. Mher Sahakyan:
2. The selected participants will be notified about organizing committee decision within a week after sending their applications.

Schedule and location: Yerevan,Armenia 13-14 October 2018

Deadline for submission: 11 September 2018

Contact: Dr. Mher Sahakyan,

Organizers’ Websites:




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