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SCO children’s art exhibition opens in Beijing

An online exhibition of children’s pictures from SCO countries dedicated to the Unity in Countering the Epidemic and Protection of Common Home was opened on 15 June.

On display at the exhibition are pictures done by children aged between five and 16 years from the SCO member states and dialogue partners, who share their views on the spread of the coronavirus and the struggle against it.

The exhibition includes over 400 works from 14 countries: India, Kazakhstan, China, Kyrgyzstan, Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Iran, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Sri Lanka.

The event is being held on the initiative of the China’s SCO Committee for Good Neighbourliness, Friendship and Cooperation with the support from the SCO Secretariat and the All-China Women’s Federation (ACWF).

Shanghai Art Fair International Exhibition Co., Ltd. is the exhibition’s official partner.

Vice-President of the All-China Women’s Federation Xia Jie noted during her remarks made via video that the pictures on display show deep friendship and unity of the SCO member states in their shared mission of overcoming difficulties.

“Children support the combat against the epidemic by means of their pictures and by expressing their striving toward health, peace and a bright future. Since the outbreak of the epidemic the SCO countries have remained in close contact with each other and have eagerly exchanged their experience in ways to try and prevent the epidemic and to control it, too. SCO nations have supplied each other with humanitarian aid. No doubt this online exhibition will continue to promote the Shanghai Spirit”, enthused Xia Jie.

In her greetings to the exhibition participants on behalf of SCO Secretary-General Vladimir Norov, Deputy Secretary-General Aizada Subakozhoeva pointed out the symbolism of opening the exhibition on SCO Day. She said that over the past 19 years the SCO has traversed a consistent path of development and displayed an effective model of multilateral interaction. The SCO countries are committed to cooperation based on the principles of mutual support, common development and the creation of shared benefits. Their cultural and humanitarian interaction is a major field of the SCO activities, where dialogue between peoples is given a special status.

“Today’s online exhibition entitled Unity in Countering the Epidemic and Protection of Common Home has put together pictures from bright children all from the SCO family of countries. The title of the exhibition reflects the essence of cooperation and mutual support of the SCO countries during the coronavirus pandemic. It has shown the vitality and strength of the SCO. Our countries lent each other a helping hand and stabilised the situation in the SCO space through joint efforts.

It is worthy to note that the young artists not only covered the topic of countering the coronavirus but also expressed ideas related to peace, friendship, mutual support and striving for development.

All these values make up the basis of the Shanghai Spirit”.

It is delightful that the SCO’s young generation shares these important concepts and principles of peaceful coexistence from an early age.

By holding such exhibitions we introduce the cultural diversity of the SCO countries to our children, encourage their interest in art, fortify the bridges of friendship and also promote further dialogue between the generations,” underscored Aizada Subakozhoeva.

She said that she appreciated the fact that the All-China Women’s Federation had supported the exhibition being held.

Shanghai Art Fair International Exhibition Co., Ltd. is the official partner of the exhibition.


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