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Panel 2: The Role of the Health, Digital Silk Roads and Industrial Policy in the Rise of China (Video)

Dr. Sanja Arezina, (Counselor with the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Research Associate-Assistant Professor at Belgrade University, Serbia), “China as а ‘Responsible Great Power’ – Health Silk Road as the New Component of Belt and Road Initiative in the Pandemic World”.

Dr. Anahit Parzyan (“China-Eurasia” Council for political and Strategic Research, Armenia), “China’s Digital Silk Road: Pivot towards Eurasia”.

Ms. Raisa Epikhina (Lecturer and Researcher, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia),“The Role of Industrial Policy in China’s Rise: A Case-Study of the Electric Power Sector”.

Chair: Dr. Ruben Elamiryan (Chair of the Department of World Politics and International Relations, Russian-Armenian University, Armenia), “The Return of Geopolitics: Eastern Partnership Countries between the European Union and China”.

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