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Keynote Speech of the Ambassador Fan at the Eurasian Research on Modern China and Eurasia Conference

范大使在“当代中国与欧亚研究”研讨会上的讲话December 3.2021




很高兴参加今天的“当代中国与欧亚研究”研讨会,感谢中国—欧亚政治战略研究中心和斯拉夫大学对本次活动的精心组织,我谨代表中国驻亚美尼亚使馆预祝研讨会圆满成功。It is my pleasure to participate in today’s “Eurasian Research on Modern China and Eurasia Conference”. I would like to express my thanks to the China-Eurasian Council for Political and Strategic Research, and Russian-Armenian University for thoroughly organization of this event. On behalf of the Chinese Embassy in Armenia, I wish this conference big success.

结合研讨会主题,我想和大家分享一下关于中国外交政策和中国发展经验,供大家参考。Based on today’s topic, I would like to share with you about China’s foreign policy and China’s development experience for your reference.

一、1949年的10月1日,毛泽东主席庄严宣告中华人民共和国中央人民政府成立,开启了新中国外交的新纪元。On October 1st, 1949, President Mao Zedong solemnly announced the Foundation of the Central Government of the people’s Republic of China, opening a new era of China’s diplomacy.

社会主义革命和建设时期,中国共产党坚持独立自主的和平外交政策,倡导和坚持和平共处五项原则,坚定维护国家独立、主权、尊严,Since the Period of Socialist Revolution and Construction,the CPC has been unswervingly following an independent foreign policy of peace,advocating and adhering to the five principles of peaceful coexistence, firmly safeguarding national independence, sovereignty and dignity,

支持和援助世界被压迫民族解放事业、新独立国家建设事业和各国人民正义斗争,反对帝国主义、霸权主义、殖民主义、种族主义。supporting and assisting the national liberation of oppressed nations, the construction of newly independent countries and the fighting for justice of the people all over the world, as well as fighting against imperialism, hegemonism, colonialism and racism.

党提出划分三个世界的战略,作出中国永远不称霸的庄严承诺,赢得国际社会特别是广大发展中国家的尊重和赞誉。我国恢复了在联合国的一切合法权利,打开对外工作新局面,开始全方位大踏步走向国际舞台。The CPC put forward the strategy of dividing the three worlds and made a solemn commitment that China will never seek hegemony, which has won the respect and praise of the international community, especially the developing countries. China has restored all legitimate rights in the United Nations, creating a new environment for foreign work, beginning to step towards the international stage in an all-round way.

二、21世纪,世界进入大发展、大变革、大调整时期,但和平与发展的时代主题没有变。世界多极化、经济全球化、社会信息化、文化多样化深入发展,全球治理体系和国际秩序变革加速推进,各国相互联系和依存日益加深,国际力量对比更趋平衡,和平发展大势不可逆转。In the 21st century, the world came into a period of great development, changes and adjustment, but the theme of peace and development has not changed. World multi-polarization, economic globalization, cultural diversity, and social informatization are undergoing in-depth, changes in the global governance system and the international order have accelerated, countries are increasingly interconnected and interdependent, the international power is more balanced, and the trend of peaceful development is irreversible.

同时,世界面临的不稳定性、不确定性突出。经济全球化遭遇逆流,单边主义、保护主义、霸权主义对世界和平于发展构成威胁。At the same time, the instability and uncertainty in front of the world are prominent. Economic globalization has encountered adverse currents, and unilateralism, protectionism and hegemonism pose a threat to world peace and development.

地区争端和恐怖主义、气候变化、网络安全、生物安全等全球性问题正摆在国际社会面前人类处在一个挑战层出不穷、风险日益增多的时代。The international community is confronted by regional disputes as well as global issues such as terrorism, climate change, cybersecurity and biosecurity, Humanity is in an era of endless challenges and increasing risks.

当今,新冠肺炎疫情全球大流行和世界百年未有之大变局相互影响。The world is experiencing not only global pandemic but also major changes unseen in a century in the world.

中国坚持维护世界和平、促进共同发展的外交政策宗旨,调整同主要大国的关系,发展同周边国家的睦邻友好关系,深化同广大发展中国家的友好合作,积极参与国际和地区事务,建立起全方位多层次的对外关系新格局。China adheres to the foreign policy and purpose of safeguarding world peace and promoting common development, adjusts its relations with major countries, develops good neighborly and friendly relations with neighboring countries, deepens friendly cooperation with developing countries, actively participates in international and regional affairs, and establishes a new pattern of all-round and multilevel foreign relations.

中国共产党积极促进世界多极化和国际关系民主化,推动经济全球化朝着有利于共同繁荣的方向发展,旗帜鲜明反对霸权主义和强权政治,坚定维护广大发展中国家利益,推动建立公正合理的国际政治经济新秩序,促进世界持久和平、共同繁荣。The Communist Party of China actively promotes world multipolarization and democratization of international relations, promotes economic globalization in a direction to common prosperity, clearly stand against hegemonism and power politics, firmly safeguard the interests of the majority of developing countries, promote the establishment of a fair and reasonable new international political and economic order, and promote lasting peace and common prosperity in the world.

近日,中国共产党的十九届六中全会在建党百年的重要历史时刻召开,系统全面总结了党的百年重大奋斗成就和历史经验,包括坚持党的领导、坚持人民至上、坚持理论创新、坚持胸怀天下等十个方面。A few days ago, the Sixth Plenary Session of 19th CPC Central Committee was held at this important historical moment of the 100 years since the founding of the party. It systematically and comprehensively summarized the party’s major achievements and historical experience over the Past Century, including ten aspects: upholding the Party’s leadership, putting the people first, advancing theoretical innovation and maintaining a global vision.

全会通过的决议也郑重宣告中国人民朝着全面建设社会主义现代化国家、实现第二个百年目标奋进。The resolution also declared that the Chinese people are striving to build a modern socialist country in an all-round way and achieve the second Centennial goal.

中国共产党将立足新发展阶段,贯彻新发展理念,构建新发展格局,推动高质量发展,全面深化改革开放,为构建新型国际关系做出新的贡献。Based on the new development stage, the Communist Party of China will implement the new development concept, build a new development pattern, promote high-quality development, comprehensively deepen reform and opening up, and make new contributions to the construction of a new type of international relations.

  • 习近平主席高度重视外交工作,提出了一系列富有中国特色、体现时代精神、引领人类发展进步潮流的新理念、新主张、新倡议,形成了习近平外交思想。President Xi Jinping attaches great importance to China’s foreign affairs and has put forward a series of new ideas and new initiatives full of Chinese characteristics,which reflect the spirit of the times and lead the progress of human development, and then formed Xi Jinping Thought on Diplomacy.

2018年6月,中国召开了中央外事工作会议,确立了习近平外交思想的指导地位,为中国新时代对外工作明确了前进方向。现在我简要向各位重点介绍习近平外交思想的几点内容。In June 2018, China held a central foreign affairs conference, which confirmed the guiding position of Xi Jinping Thought on Diplomacy and made clear the way forward for China’s new era of external work. Now I will briefly introduce you to the contents of Xi Jinping Thought on Diplomacy.

  • 中国共产党是中国特色社会主义事业的领导核心,加强中国共产党对对外工作的集中统一领导是新时代中国外交的根本保证。The Communist Party of China is the leading core for the cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Strengthening the centralized and unified leadership of the Communist Party of China over foreign affairs is the fundamental guarantee of China’s diplomacy in the new era.
  • 推动构建人类命运共同体。中国共产党既为中国人民谋幸福、为中华民族谋复兴,也为人类谋进步、为世界谋大同。Promote the construction of a community with a shared future for humankind. The Communist Party of China not only seeks happiness for people and rejuvenation for the Chinese nation, but also progress for mankind and harmony for the world.

习近平总书记着眼中国人民和世界人民的共同利益提出了构建人类命运共同体重要理念,这是回答和解决当今世界面临的时代之问的中国方案。General secretary Xi Jinping, focusing on the common interests of the Chinese people and the people of the world, put forward the critical idea of building the Community of common destiny for mankind, which is the China’s plan to answer and solve the question of the times in front of the world.

习近平主席提出,建设持久和平、普遍安全、共同繁荣、开放包容、清洁美丽的世界,推动建设相互尊重、公平公正、合作共赢的新型国际关系。President Xi Jinping proposed building an open, inclusive, clean and beautiful world that enjoys lasting peace, universal security and common prosperity, and promoting the building of new international relations of mutual respect, fairness, justice, and win-win cooperation.

坚持以维护世界和平、促进共同发展为宗旨推动构建人类命运共同体,是中国对外工作的总目标。Promoting the construction of a community with a shared future for mankind with the purpose of safeguarding world peace and promoting joint development is the general goal of China’s foreign work.

  • 推动“一带一路”建设。2013年,中国国家主席习近平提出共建“丝绸之路经济带”和“21世纪海上丝绸之路”的倡议,简称“一带一路”倡议。Promote the “Belt and Road” construction. Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed the building of the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road in 2013, also known as the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

该倡议以共商、共建、共享为指导原则。共商,就是沟通协商,集思广益,充分尊重各国发展水平、经济结构、法律制度、营商环境和文化传统的差异;共建,就是共同参与,深度对接有关国家和区域发展战略;共享,就是互利共赢,各方通过合作实现利益最大化。The Belt and Road Initiative is under the principle of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits. Consultation means communication, brainstorming, and fully respecting the differences in development level, economic structure, legal system, business environment, and cultural traditions of various countries. Joint construction means joint participation and in-depth connection with relevant national and regional development strategies; shared benefits means mutual benefit and win-win results. All parties maximize their interests through cooperation.

(四)坚定维护国家主权、安全和发展利益,是中国外交的神圣使命。坚持走和平发展道路,是新时代中国外交的基本原则。积极发展全球伙伴关系,是新时代中国外交的重要着力点。极参与全球治理体系改革和建设,是新时代中国外交的大国担当。Firmly safeguarding national sovereignty, security, and development interests is the sacred mission of China’s diplomacy. Adhering to peaceful development is the basic principle of China’s diplomacy in the new era. Actively developing global partnership is an essential focus of China’s diplomacy in the new generation. Participating in the reform and construction of the global governance system is the responsibility of China’s diplomacy in the new era.

四、中亚友好源远流长,双方交往历史可追溯到2000多年前的古丝绸之路。自1992年建交以来,中亚友好关系始终在相互尊重、互利互惠的基础上健康稳定发展。亚美尼亚是最早支持和参与“一带一路”倡议的国家之一。多年来,中国稳居亚第二大贸易伙伴。The friendship between China and Armenia has a long history, which can be traced back to the time of ancient Silk Road more than 2000 years ago. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations in 1992, the friendly relations between China and Armenia have always developed healthily and stably on the basis of mutual respect and mutual benefit. The One belt, One road Initiative, was the first to support and participate in the “One belt” initiative in Armenia. Over the years, China has remained Armenia’s second largest trading partner.

根据中方统计,2021年前10个月中亚双边贸易额近12亿美元,增幅达57%。在全球疫情持续蔓延背景下,这个成绩实属不易,充分展现出两国合作的强大韧劲和广阔前景。According to Chinese statistics, the bilateral trade volume of China and Armenia in the first 10 months of 2021 was nearly US $1.2 billion, with an increase of 57%. In the context of the continuous spread of the global epidemic, this achievement is not easy, which fully shows the strong tenacity and broad prospects of bilateral cooperation.

作为好朋友、好伙伴,中方坚定支持亚美尼亚人民自主选择的发展道路,愿同亚方积极分享治国理政和经济发展有益经验。As a good friend and partner, China firmly supports the development path chosen by the Armenian people and is willing to share useful experience in governance and economic development with Armenia.

中国取得成功的重要经验之一就是,走适合本国国情的发展道路。正如在“民主”这一问题上,各国国情千差万别,实现民主的方法途径也各不相同。民主是全人类的共同价值,是各国人民的权利,不是少数国家专利。由一国决定其他国家是否民主,这本身就是最大的不民主。One of the important experiences of China’s success is to take a development path suitable for its national conditions. For example, on the issue of “democracy”, national conditions vary greatly, and the ways to realize democracy are different as well. Democracy is the common value of humanity and the right of all peoples, not the patent of a few countries. If one country determines whether another country is democratic or not, it is anti-democracy actually.

今年9月,习近平主席提出了“全球发展倡议”,倡导开放包容的伙伴精神,涵盖减贫、粮食安全、抗疫和疫苗、发展筹资、气候变化和绿色发展、工业化、数字经济、互联互通八大领域。其中减贫和互联互通两项契合亚方发展需求,中方欢迎亚方共同参与。In September this year, President Xi Jinping proposed a Global Development Initiative for the first time, advocating the spirit of openness and inclusiveness, including 8 aspects: poverty reduction, food security, epidemic prevention and vaccines, financing for development, climate change and green development, industrialization, digital economy and interconnection. Poverty reduction and connectivity meet Armenia’s development needs, and China welcomes Armenia’s joint participation.

明年,中亚将迎来建交30周年,这是两国关系史上具有里程碑意义的大事。我们有理由相信,在双方共同努力下,中亚友好合作必将实现新发展、迈上新台阶,更好造福两国和两国人民。Next year, China and Armenia will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations, which is a milestone in the history of bilateral relations. We have reason to believe that with the joint efforts of both sides, China Armenia friendly cooperation will achieve new development, reach a new level and better benefit the two countries and two peoples.


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