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Dr. Mher Sahakyan Thanked Mr. Zhou Hongyou for Cooperation

Director of China-Eurasia Council met at the embassy of PRC with  Councilor of the PRC Embassy Mr. Zhou Hongyou and passed him Certificate of Gratitude for his cooperation with the Council.

Dr. Mher Sahakyan mentioned: “Good friend of mine, Mr. Zhou Hongyou is finishing his diplomatic mission in Armenia and returning to China. During these 4 years we have cooperated in academic and public diplomacy. He has helped China-Eurasia Council for Political and Strategic Research a lot on establishing academic relations with Chinese scholars and supported us when we were organising conferences, seminars and other projects. He has done also a lot of work for strengthening Sino-Armenian Relations. During last years we became good friends for each other, I will miss him here in Armenia, but I am sure that we will keep contact, friendship and cooperation…”

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