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The IIP reached out to its members of the advisory board and other friends of the IIP and asked them to write a short assessment about what the coming year would bring. The authors come from various countries and backgrounds in the world. Here are Dr. Mher Sahakyan’s thoughts:

“China will continue its pivot towards Eurasia, where it will remain united with Russia. In turn, the US will strengthen its pressing simultaneously on Russia and China. It will refuse Russian proposal to stop NATO’s expansion towards post-soviet territory (Ukraine, Belarus, South Caucasus and Central Asia). The NATO member Turkey will continue competition with Moscow for Ukraine and South Caucasus, it will continue its march towards Central Asia for implementing the US’s New Silk Road project, which aims to oust Russia and China from South Caucasus and Central Asia. Nagorno Karabakh problem will remain one of the main security issues of the Eurasian continent. It is true, that Europe is interested on energy resources of Baku, but as a center of democracy it must respect the right of self-determination of Armenians of Karabakh. Opening transportation infrastructure, borders between Armenia and Azerbaijan, and between Armenia and Turkey will bring peace to the region, but it can be done by mediation and support of Russia, EU and the US.

International community will testimony divided world with 2 main poles-Western pole (the US and allies) and Eastern pole (Sino-Russian tandem and partners). After the “Summit of Democracies” now we have also “ideological” struggle between the so called “democracies” and “authoritative” regimes, which is typical to “Cold War”. In the 21st century Western and Eastern poles will continue their struggle for the markets of technologies and vaccinas. 2022 will stand another challenging year for humanity for this reason International Institute for Peace and likeminded organizations needs to unite efforts and work hard for maintaining peace and security”.

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