China-Eurasia News Ticker

Panel 3.  China, Great Powers and Colliding Interests between the East and the West in Eurasia. Case Study of Hong Kong (Video)

Dr. Greg Simons (Uppsala University, Sweden; Turiba University, Latvia),“Great Power Competition in Eurasia: Actions and Reactions in a Transforming Global Geopolitical Order”. (Via ZOOM).

Mr. Midas A. van Dijk and Mr. Chris B. Wensink (Co-authors of Regionalizing Eurasia, Leiden University Press, 2022), “The Regionalization of Eurasia: Why Regions are the Future?”.

Dr. Sanja Arežina (Counselor with the Government of the Republic of Serbia, Senior Research Associate- Associate Professor at University of Belgrade, Serbia. 2022 Asia Global Fellow, AsiaGlobal Institute, University of Hong Kong),“Between Geopolitics and Economy – Is It possible Balancing between the East and the West in the Time of Uncertainty?”. (Via ZOOM).

Mr. Jason Yip (CEO at MWYO, Hong Kong, China) and Mr. Brian Wong (Rhodes Scholar and Tutor in Politics, University of Oxford), “Understanding Hong Kong’s Political Trajectory through Lenses of Great Power Politics”. (Via ZOOM).

Moderator: Dr. Anahit Parzyan (“China-Eurasia” Council for Political and Strategic Research, Armenia).

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