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Panel 4. Indo-Pacific Strategies: Evaluating Central Asia’s Centrality in Geopolitical and Geo-Economic Terms (Video)

Dr. Li-Chen Sim (Khalifa University, UAE) and Dr. Farkhod Aminjonov (Central Asia Institute for Strategic Studies, Kazakhstan), “Geo-Economics and Central Asia’s Indo-Pacific Outlook”. (Via ZOOM).

Dr. Kei Hakata (Seikei University, Japan) “Mapping Out “Indo-Pacific Plus” Strategies across Terrestrial Eurasia”. (Via ZOOM).

Dr. Brendon J. Cannon and Dr. Ash Rossiter (Khalifa University, UAE), “Rethinking Hegemony in the Heartland: The Indo-Pacific and the Centrality of Central Eurasia”. (Via ZOOM).

Moderator: Dr. Li-Chen Sim, (Khalifa University, UAE).

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