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Taylor & Francis Published China and Eurasian Powers in a Multipolar World Order 2.0 Security, Diplomacy, Economy and Cyberspace Book Edited by Mher Sahakyan 

Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group, published China and Eurasian Powers in a Multipolar World Order 2.0 Security, Diplomacy, Economy and Cyberspace book edited by the director of Armenian “China-Eurasia” Council for Political and Strategic Research, Dr Mher Sahakyan. This book argues that the world order is no longer unipolar, and the war in Ukraine proves this fact. As this study describes and theorizes, it has been transformed into a Multipolar World Order 2.0 stage. This title critically examines Chinese, the US, Russian, the EU, Indian, and a number of other powers’ cooperation and competition over security, diplomatic, economic and cyberspace issues. Accomplished scholars from various regions of the Eurasian continent consider the impact of the Russo–Ukrainian war, the Sino–Russian strategic partnership, China’s relations with the United States and the European Union, the influence of the Belt and Road Initiative, the expansion of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Eurasian Economic Union, China’s policies in the Middle East, Central Asia, Indo-Asia Pacific, the South Caucasus, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as focus on details of growing contradictions and collaboration in the Eurasian continent over markets, technologies, digital leadership, vaccine distribution, and financial institutions in the Era of Multipolar World Order 2.0. Showing that the US-centred unipolar world order is replaced by Multipolar World Order 2.0, where conflicting powers fight to keep or extend their spheres of influence, this volume is of great interest to decision-makers, diplomats, scholars and students of international relations, politics, global governance, Eurasian studies, Chinese studies, cybersecurity, and economics, and for those studying human security, international organizations, and geopolitics.

Among coauthors of this book are Dr Yuntian Zheng (Renmin University), Prof. Dr Heinz Gärtner (University of Vienna), Dr Alexander Korolev (Higher School of Economics), Dr Gina Panagopoulou (University of Piraeus), Prof. Dr Süha Atatüre (İstanbul Gedik University), Dr Anahit Parzyan (“China-Eurasia” Council for Political and Strategic Research), Mr Orazio Maria Gnerre (University of Perugia), Dr Sergey Lukonin (Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy), Prof. Dr Olga Zalesskaya (Blagoveshchensk State Pedagogical University), Dr Elżbieta Proń (the University of Silesia in Katowice), Mrs Shanjida Shahab Uddin (Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies), Mr Sebastián Contín Trillo-Figueroa (2022 Asia Global Fellow, Asia Global Institute), Dr Sanja Arežina (Belgrade University), Prof. Dr Giorgio Caridi (E-Campus University) and  Prof. Dr Annita Larissa Sciacovelli (University of Bari Aldo Moro).

Mher Sahakyan mentioned, “After 1, 5 years of day and night work, it is time to celebrate our new book China and Eurasian Powers in a Multipolar World Order 2.0 Security, Diplomacy, Economy and Cyberspace. A great team from different Eurasian states, Armenia, Austria, Bangladesh, China, Greece, Italy, Poland, Russia, Spain, Serbia and Turkey, was united to prepare this contribution. They proved that, even in this not-easy situation, which we call Multipolar World Order 2.0, it is possible to work together and find ways for further coexistence. Most importantly, thanks are due to all authors of this book, who worked so hard and patiently to achieve this result”. Mher Sahakyan thanked Prof. Dr Armen Darbinyan, Prof. Dr Emilian Kavalski, Mr Rob Sorsby, Prof. Dr Heinz Gärtner, Prof. Dr Alejandro Reyes, Dr Yuntian Zheng, and the Routledge team (including a number of anonymous reviewers) for their important suggestions, support, and constructive criticism”.

It is worth mentioning that Routledge included Sahakyan’s book among its Key books during ISA 2023 conference in Canada.

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