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Chinese Internet companies urged to establish content review system

BEIJING, Aug. 20 Chinese Internet companies offering cultural content were urged on Tuesday to set up their own review systems, as part of efforts to ensure legitimacy of content.
The content of online music and game companies will no longer be reviewed and filed in advance by relevant government departments starting from Dec. 1, according to a Ministry of Culture statement.
Previously, such content was largely reviewed or managed by relevant government departments, the statement said.
“With the rapid development of Internet techniques, traditional online Internet content review systems have lagged behind the requirement of market development,” an official with the ministry said.
The establishment of a self-review mechanism and strengthening the company’s self-judgement capacity in terms of choosing Internet content is the best option for authorities to regulate the Internet cultural market, the official said.
The ministry also urged companies to ensure reviewers are independent.
The provincial cultural departments or relevant associations will provide the reviewers with training, according to the statement.

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