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Tourism in China

j2Tourism in China has greatly expanded over the last few decades. Economic development and the emergence of a newly rich middle class and an easing of restrictions on movement by the Chinese authorities are both fueling this travel boom. China has become one of the world’s most-watched tourist markets. China is and always has been one of the most interesting destinations for tourism because of its rich history and wonderful nature.

In this article I would like to speak about the advantages and disadvantages of the organization of the tourism in China. I will refer to Hainan Island on my analyses as a case study, where I was as a tourist.

During the past few years, the Chinese government has heavily promoted Hainan Island as a world class resort with beaches and golf courses which are plentiful on Hainan Island. In addition, the ability to visit traditional Li and Miao cultural villages, hike among lush tropical rain forests and mountainsides, and visit significant cultural artifacts from long ago dynasties, has had a significant effect on tourism on the island. The Chinese and Hainan governments intend to continue to spend a great deal of money on infrastructure


Despite of the huge population, I will mention the excellent infrastructure and public transportation. This is an excellent and important point for an individual tourist who would like to travel on his own. Wherever you go you can pick up taxi just from the airport without any inconveniences and with a predictable and reasonable price. The same is true about the buses, in city taxies and other ways of public transportation.

All gardens and parks are very well equipped with necessary small shops, public toilets, and other services.

Everywhere is clean and safe, which is very important especially for foreigners.


Nowadays, Chinese learn English from the kindergarten, but unfortunately the service is not fully or sometimes even partially provided in English. In rare cafes or shops the workers can understand what do you want. Taxi drivers do not know even such necessary and international words as: TAXY, HOTEL, MONEY, ….which make it very hard for a foreigner to travel in China. Sometimes the translated banners have wrong meaning and say nothing to a tourist in English.

Food safety is also an important part of an organization of tourism.

The most important thing is that people are very kind and warm. They want to help in case a tourist needs it. That is the best think for a tourist. I like to travel in China, it is very interesting and very comfortable.



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