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In Fall 2016, Miss. Chenchen Wang, a student of Beijing Institute of Graphic Communication will continue her study in Armenia, majoring in Political Sciences and International Relations. She is the winner of the ChinaHAY-AUA scholarship that was initiated by the Armenian community of China in 2015.

A year ago the Armenian Community of China and the American University of Armenia signed a Memorandum of Understanding to provide scholarships for Chinese students to study at AUA.

“This is also a way of appreciation for the generosity and openness of the Chinese nation towards Armenians over the past centuries” mentioned Mr. Henri Arslanian, Special adviser of the Armenian Community of China.

Miss Wang, on her side, is very happy and honored to be the winner of the scholarship. She is exited to travel to Armenia to discover the ancient country with its rich culture and beautiful language.

Speaking about her expectations, Miss. Wang is looking forward to new opportunities and a great educational environment. She is planning to improve her Armenian language skills and learn more about Armenian culture. “I hope to have an opportunity to learn how to knit Armenian traditional carpets, as well as to see the Mount Ararat”.

According to Dr. Mher Sahakyan, president of the Armenian Community of China, educational exchange programs between the two nations will improve bilateral relations between them.


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