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The Armenian Community of China Celebrates Chinahay Unity Day

At the end of Autumn the Armenian Community of China organized cultural celebrations in different Chinese cities: Nanjing, Hong Kong, Changchung, Guangzhou and Shanghai, dedicated to unity of Armenians in China.
During these gatherings the dedicated members of the community were granted special Certificates of Honours and Letters of Gratitude by the Executive Committee.
The main aims of these gatherings are to preserve Armenian cultural traditions and language and make contacts between compatriots, so that they can support and cooperate with each other.
In this regard, Mher Sahakyan, the president of the Armenian Community of China, mentioned, “thanks go to our active Community members, who continue to contribute to the preserveation of Armenian traditions, language and identity. I am calling to keep this unity and continue our joint efforts to make our Community a fair, democratic, and human-centered organization, aiming to preserve Armenian identity.”
Hranush Hakobyan, the Minister of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia, sent her congratulations to the Armenian Community of China, noting that for Armenians it is very important to keep unity, as it is the only way to stay connected and strong.
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