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Special Course on “China’s Foreign Policy” Launched in Armenia

The “China-Eurasia” Council for Political and Strategic Research in cooperation with the Institute of Oriental Studies, National Academy of Sciences and the Department of Oriental Studies, ISEC, NAS, started the “Rethinking China’s Foreign Policy-2018” Special Course, supported also by Diplomatic Foundation of Armenia, which will last till 25 of September at the Institute of Oriental Studies.

The main aim of this special course is to introduce China’s Foreign Policy to those who are interested in China and its politics, providing them with solid knowledge and information about this rising Superpower, which increases its economic and political influence on a Global Stage.

The special program conducted by Armenian and foreign scholars, who cooperate with the “China-Eurasia Council for Political and Strategic Research, Foundation and have solid professional background of doing research on issues related to China’s foreign policy.

As a result of competition only 21 specialists won the opportunity to be invited to participate as a students in this prestigious course.

With special invitation of Organizing committee Mr. Zhou Hongyou, Advisor of PRC Ambassador to Armenia had a welcoming speech during the opening ceremony. He encouraged attendees to continue their research on China. He spoke about current situation of Sino-Armenian relations and stressed the importance of further developing friendly relations between China and Armenia․


During the opening ceremony of Special Course, heads of Organizing Committee Dr. Mher Sahakyan and Dr. Robert Ghazaryan welcomed attendees.

Dr. Mher Sahakyan (Head, “China-Eurasia” Council for Political and Strategic Research), founder of this annual course mentioned, “Now days China has great influence in political and economic developments on a global level. In short it is a rising superpower; thus, it is very important, that Armenian researchers and future decision makers  deepen their knowledge on China’s foreign policy. I hope that Special Course “Rethinking China’s Foreign policy” will help to give solid knowledge to attendees and they will use it for improving Sino-Armenian relations.”


In Turn, Dr. Robert Ghazaryan (Vice Director, Institute of Oriental Studies, NAS, Head, Department of Oriental Studies, ISEC, NAS) noted, “I want to congratulate all participants for starting this important course. It is worth mentioning that research and analyze of China’s modern history have very important political, economic, scientific meanings for Armenian decision makers, academicians and researchers.




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