China-Eurasia News Ticker

Panel 4:China, South Caucasus and Turkey (Video)

Dr. Vakhtang Charaia (Head of TSU Center for Analysis and Forecasting; Affiliated prof. at Business and Technology University, Georgia), “CPC’s Belt and Road Initiative in the South Caucasus”.

Dr. Mher Sahakyan (Director, China-Eurasia Council for political and Strategic Research, Armenia; Asia Global Institute, University of Hong Kong, PRC), “China’s Belt and Road Initiative and Armenia: Thoughts and Recommendations 2.0”.

Dr. Artur Israyelyan (Vice-rector for International Cooperation and Public Relations of Yerevan State University), “Chinese Studies in Yerevan State University: The History and Main Goals for Development”.

Dr. Varuzhan Geghamyan (Assistant professor,Faculty of Oriental Studies, Yerevan State University, Armenia), “On the Two Edges of Asia: China-Turkey Relations in the Context of Modern Eurasia (2000-2020)”.

Chair: Dr. Robert Ghazaryan (Director of Institute of Oriental Studies, National Academy of Sciences, Armenia)

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