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SCO:Kunming Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The innovational and entrepreneurship courses for Shanghai Cooperation Organization’s youth’s vocational education is available online.

Course introduction

The first part of the innovation and entrepreneurship courses for SCO youth’s vocational education focuses on industry development in Yunnan province from the perspective of consumption upgrading.

There will be nine 20-minute courses by three teachers who are leaders from three representative enterprises specializing in new retail, new media and new tea. They will share their enterprises’ development courses with vivid cases and trendy insights of industry, as well as operation and management and marketing skills. 

Course objective: To learn the founding history of enterprises, operation and management and marketing skills.

Zhang Yu: The past, present and future of the tea industry in Yunnan province

Zhang Yu: Tea industry pain points and start-up experience share

Zhang Yu: Brand positioning and strategic development

Jia Ruixun: Marketing experience via Douyin I

Jia Ruixun: Marketing via Douyin II

Jia Ruixun: How to create a celebrity account with millions of followers

Jia Ruixun: Underlying logic of big hits

Zhong Xiaoyu: Introduction of the brown sugar industry

Zhong Xiaoyu: Brand positioning, challenges and opportunities

Zhong Xiaoyu: How to create a new consumer brand

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