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Andin. Historical studies of the Armenians in China

September 08, 2016

Dozens of nations have moved along the Silk Road over thousands of years. Many of
them vanished into history and their stories about contacts between Europe and Asia
did not survive to the present day. But there is a nation whose history still lives on.
Armenians who have lived on the crossroad of worlds halfway between East and West
from the earliest times. “Andin: Historical studies of the Armenians in China” offers the
reader to set out on a trip along the Silk Road and sea Spice Routes to faraway lands to
take a fresh view of Armenian history. Academic research has been based on
expedition which took place between 2011and 2013 led by film director Ruben Giney.

Ruben Giney
Antares Media Holding
128 pages

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