China-Eurasia News Ticker

Panel 5. The Roles of BRICS and Shanghai Cooperation Organization. China and India in Central Asia (Video)

Dr. Srinivas Junuguru (Woxsen University, India), “Can the BRICS be a Force for the Revival of China’s Economy?”. (Via ZOOM).

Mrs. Merve Erkan Aydin (Ph.D. Candidate, Shanghai University, China), “Shanghai Cooperation Organisation’s Contribution to Counterterrorism in Central Asia”. (Via ZOOM).

DrSudhir Kumar Singh (University of Delhi, India), “Central Asia: Emerging Indian and Chinese Interests”. (Via ZOOM).

Dr. Tamas Dudlak (Eötvös Loránd University, Hungary), “Dragonfire: Chinese Natural Gas Relations in Central Asia”.

Dr. Zhengji Ju (Nanjing University, China), “The Diplomatic Activities of the TIRET Regime and Its Quick Demise”. (Via ZOOM).

Moderator: Dr. Bin MA (Deputy Director, the Center for SCO Studies, Fudan University, China). (Via ZOOM).

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