China-Eurasia News Ticker

Panel 4. China, Central Asia, and South Caucasus (Video)

Dr. Marina O. Dmitrieva (Far Eastern Federal University, Russia), “Prospects for Multilateral Cooperation in Central Asia.”
Dr. Sudhir Singh (University of Delhi, India), “Indian Perception of China- Central Asian Relationship.”
Dr. Sun Chao (Centre of International Studies, Jiangsu Administration Institute, China), “Semi-Presidentialism and Political Stability A Reflection on Political Transition in the Caucasus.”
Dr. Salome Danelia (Ivane JavakhishviliTbilisi State University, Georgia), “Peculiarities of Innovative Development of Economy in Georgia.”

Ms. Mariam Topakyan (PhD Student, Faculty of International Relations, Yerevan State University), “China and South Caucasus: New Perspectives and Challenges”.
Moderator: Dr. Gevorg Melikyan (Lecturer, Russian-Armenian University; Assistant to the President of the Republic of Armenia).

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