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The First Online Conference of Young Researchers from the Armenian Diaspora in the Field of Humanities a Success

Yerevan, Armenia— The First Online Conference of Young Researchers from the Armenian Diaspora in the Field of Humanities was held on July 22, 2017. The goal of the Conference is to help establish contacts between Armenian young researchers and students in the Armenian Diaspora, consolidate this major intellectual resource, and optimally present Armenian scientific thought to the World.

During the Conference, Mher Sahakyan (Founder of this conference and the President of the Armenian Community of China) talked about how and why Armenia could be involved in Chinese One Belt, One Road economic initiative.

Marine Sargsyan (Leiden University, Netherlands) shared her thoughts about the dynamic of the politico-economic developments and relations of the South Caucasian States with Russia and the EU.

Tatevik Azizyan (College of Europe, Natolin, Poland) introduced her research on political and economic institution building on the way to democratic transition in Armenia.

Edgar Khachatryan (Estonian School of Diplomacy) introduced several recommendations regarding diplomacy of small states.

Anahit Parzyan (Nanjing University, China) during her report, argued that Cyberspace, can be also described as a manmade sphere for wars.

Lisa Lehimdjian (Johns Hopkins University, USA) talked about the importance of media literacy and credibility assessment in the digital age.

Varuzhan Geghamyan (St. Petersburg State University, Russia) suggested to rethink the hybrid of post-coup Turkey.

Anush Poghosyan (Europa-Universitat Flensburg, Germany) gave a speech devoted to the EU foreign policy towards the Arab-Israeli peace process.

Saren Abgaryan (Jiatong University, China) presented his research about the importance of Chinese practice of international investment law.

Mikael Hayrapetyan (Moscow State Tchaikovsky Conservatory) spoke about some formats for the propaganda of the Armenian classic music.

Liana Yedigaryan (Palestine) talked about the methods of translations from Armenian to Chinese.

In her speech addressed to the participants of the Conference, the Armenian Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan mentioned, “I see great sacrament in this initiative to unite the Armenian scientific potential. I am sure that you will contribute your knowledge, efforts and energy for prosperity and empowerment of our nation and homeland. I warmly welcome the participants of the First Pan-Armenian online conference of Armenian young researchers. I would cordially like to express my appreciation to Mher Sahakyan, who helped to hold this major event, which is prominent for young Armenians in any country.”

Mr. Gagik Harutyunyan, the Executive Director of “Noravank” Foundation, mentioned,  “The Armenian World can successfully overcome challenges of the modern world if it secures national development with a well-planned strategy. The development and implementation of such a strategy is only possible with the unified synergy of our intellectual and spiritual resources in Armenia (RA and NKR) and the Diaspora.

In this regard, I welcome the initiative of the Armenian community of China to organize this online conference focusing on unification of our national intellectual potential. “

In turn, Mher Sahakyan, the President of the Armenian Community of China, mentioned, “The First Online Conference of Young Researchers from the Armenian Diaspora seeks to unite Armenian scientific potential in the diaspora and to present a unique platform for Armenian scholars and students to introduce their research.We must remember that the one who excels others with knowledge will win in the 21st century. Well-educated and united young generation of Armenian researchers is the bright future of the Armenian world.”

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