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Call For Participation: Rethinking China’s Foreign Policy-2020

The “China-Eurasia” Council For Political and Strategic Research in cooperation with the Faculty of Oriental Studies, Yerevan State University, organizes “Rethinking China’s Foreign Policy-2020” special course, which will take place from 22 to 29 of June, 2020 in Yerevan, Armenia

The Aim of the Special Course

The main aim of this special course is to introduce the peculiarities of China’s Foreign Policy to those who are interested in China and its politics providing them with solid knowledge and information about this rising Superpower, which increases its economic and political influence on a Global Stage.

The special program is planned to be conducted by Armenian and foreign scholars (online) with solid professional background of doing research on issues related to China’s foreign policy. The classes will be conducted in Armenian, Russian and English.

Successful candidates must be under the age of 40, with higher education in the areas of Political Sciences, Oriental Studies, Media and Communication, International Relations, Economics, Journalism  and other related fields.

Successful candidates will get certificates of completion upon graduation.


For applying to the program the following documents are required to be sent in PDF format by 16th of June (deadline) to organizing committee at: 

  1. CV
  2. Motivation Letter (Around 1500 words) specifying why would you like to participate in the program

Successful candidates will be notified about the results by 18 th of June and will be notified about the exact date and time, format, schedule and other details of the program. Each candidate will receive unique selection procedure to recruit the best candidates and talents into the program. Special Course is FREE of CHARGE.

The classes will start from 19:00 to 21:00 at the Faculty of Oriental Studies, Yerevan States University, Yerevan, Armenia.

For additional questions please write to

You can check about 2019 course at:

You can check about 2018 course at:

You can check about 2017 course at:


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