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Armenians in China Organize Artsakh Fundraiser

The Armenian Community of China, commonly known as ChinaHay, organized a fundraising campaign as part of global efforts to provide humanitarian assistance to victims of the Artsakh conflict.
The successful crowdfunding campaign was run online and on social media, with all proceeds collected across China transferred to Artsakh as requested by the Artsakh government. Donors included not only members of the community working and living in China, but a large number of Armenian students studying across China on various scholarship programs.
The Armenian community has grown substantially in recent years and has launched many new initiatives, including the ChinaHay-AUA Scholarship, which provides funding for Chinese students to pursue graduate studies in Armenia, as well as the Annual Online Conference of Armenian Researchers and Students, an event that brings together more than 100 Armenian academics, scholars and students currently based across China.

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