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Anahit Parzyan introduced her research on U.S. Cyber Security at Fudan University

Shanghai, China—On June 19-20, 2017, the International Leadership in the New World was held at Fudan University.

This prestigious academic workshop was organized by Fudan University,  University of Copenhagen and Chinese Political Science Review.

Selected scholars from various countries were invited to introduce their research.  Anahit Parzyan (Institute of International Studies of Nanjing University) was among them. She presented her research on US Cyber Policy: Empowering Capabilities for Global Leadership. The presentations were followed by discussions on both the topics of research and the methods used by the speakers.

Invited speakers and keynote speakers included Professor Zhimin Chen (Fudan University Associate Vice President), Professor Ole Waever (University of Copenhagen), Shiping Tang (Fudan Distinguished Professor), Professor Amitav Acharya (American University), Professor Xiaoyu Pu (University of Nevada), Katherine Morton (University of Sheffield),  Lu Ding (Tsinghua University) and others.

Fudan University is one of the top five universities in China, and is one of the active Universities in China to receive foreign students.


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