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Maria Gyulamiryan: “The internship at ‘China-Eurasia’ Council for Political and Strategic Research has been very productive and informative”

— Where do you study and how did you become interested in this field?

— I currently pursue my master’s degree in Contemporary Diplomacy and International Affairs at Russian-Armenian University. I have always been interested in many fields, such as politics, sociology, history, languages. Therefore, discovering International Relations has been life-changing for me, as it is a blend of all my interests, thus gaining the appropriate knowledge will enable me not only to have a desired career in the future, but truly enjoy what I do as well. Coming across various subjects, I now vividly understand what I want to immerse myself in in the future. I am very interested in foreign politics, hybrid war, conflict resolution, international security and regional studies. Besides, I am an active language learner and speak Armenian, Russian, English, German, some Bulgarian and Arabic, and recently have started learning Chinese.

— You have also studied abroad. Could you please name the universities? What studying abroad gave you?

— Studying abroad is life-changing and it endowed me with a precious experience. I had the opportunity to study in Austria in the University of Salzburg as an Erasmus + exchange student for a year. I obtained very useful knowledge in various disciplines differing from those at my home university. The approach of the professors, the way classes are held and the perception of academic life there gave me new insights. I acquired many useful skills, widened my network and worldview, learned from both my own and others’ experience and developed my personality. Being a DAAD scholarship holder, I attended International Summer School at Humboldt University in Berlin, taking an intensive German language course. What is interesting is that both times studying abroad I met Armenian students who shared my excitement about studying in some of the best universities in Europe.

— You mentioned Armenian students studying abroad. Do you consider it important for Armenian students to study abroad and why?

— Absolutely. First, educational systems in Armenia and Europe differ greatly, so getting a closer look on how students in Europe study and how professors hold their classes can not only motivate Armenian students to pursue higher goals but also encourage them to make changes in their home country. Besides, studying abroad broadens their network enabling them to meet new experts, professionals, make new friends that surely will benefit their life in the future and maybe even help career-wise. Armenian students also share with foreigners’ knowledge about Armenian culture, history and traditions, raising interest in them towards our homeland.

— What did an internship at “China-Eurasia” Council for Political and Strategic Research give you?

— The internship at “China-Eurasia” Council for Political and Strategic Research has been very productive and informative. I gained new experience and first-hand knowledge in both my professional area and in such areas that I had not encountered before, enabling me to enhance my creative and analytical thinking as well as my research skills. In the frames of the internship, I participated in the process of preparation of the Memorandum of Understanding between Armenian “China-Eurasia” Council for Political and Strategic Research and Renmin University of China, which was signed on July 7, 2022. I was involved in discussions of the agreement for the forthcoming book of “China-Eurasia” Council for Political and Strategic Research, which will be published at one of the well-known publishing houses. I also as a team member of “China-Eurasia” Council for Political and Strategic Research attended in interesting Seminar at the National Defense Research University of MOD on Sino-Russian Tandem in Eurasia and Changing World Order, followed by insightful discussions. Overall, this internship has been a great opportunity for me in terms of academic and career growth.

Interview for “China-Eurasia” Council for Political and Strategic Research


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